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One of the most challenging aspects to a home improvement project is choosing the right plumber. Are you looking for a professional who delivers quality work, on time and within budget will take some diligent research on your part? Someone to handle the city permits and inspections and coordinate subcontractors as needed. Vancouvers Plumbing Connection has been serving Metro Vancovuer for over 45 years.

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When choosing a plumber, one of the best tasks you can do is to research the project. You do not need a degree in construction but knowing the basics can help you ask the right questions. You can also make better informed decisions and act more of a partner with your plumber when you are more knowledgeable. A good plumber will take the time to educate you on the home improvement project as well as explain any terminology that may be unfamiliar to you. Preparing ahead of time with your wish lists and desired result will help you understand the job. Vancouvers Plumbing Connection will work with you along the way.
Clogged drains to bath room renovations and new construction. Vacouvers Plumbing Connection and Vancouvers Heating Connection are able to provide reasonably priced services based on your priorities. Wether you will be working with your plumber for an extended period, or for a quick repair you want us to be on the same page with you. Communications are vital to this. Troubleshooting emergency situations over the phone or sharing photo's to get your estimate right Vancouvers Plumbing Connection is ready to help.
Not all plumbers are qualified for every project; a good plumber will tell you the same. Vancouver's Plumbing Connection has been servicing Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Heating for 45 years. We specialize is service calls, Boilers and Hot Water Tanks, staffed with Class A Gas Fitter and Red Seal Journeyman Plumber and several aprentices and subcontractors to get the job done right.
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